Let’s start at the very beginning…

In February 2015 I decided to do something “fun” for Teachers’ Convention.  I decided to register for a session at the Calgary Zoo on Terrarium Building.  This is where my ‘Makerspace” of terrarium building started.


The Beginning

When I arrived at the terrarium session, the pre-set station included tools, and 4 succulent plants. The pot provided was a plastic terracotta pot.  We had to fill it with soil and then ‘bang’ the pot down to settle the soil. The chopsticks and spoon were used for digging small holes and positioning the plants for planting.

There were a couple of things I’ve learned from this workshop:

  1. Don’t over water succulents.  Water sparingly against the edge of the pot to encourage the roots to grow and expand – this in turn will encourage the plant above the soil to grow.
  2. Succulents grow SLOWLY.  Don’t be impatient with them.
  3. Succulents like lots of light, but not drastic temperature changes.  If you’re going to place this plant outdoors it needs to be eased into being outdoors.  Our scorching long summer sun in Alberta can actually fry succulents.



This terrarium was a faithful friend for two years.  Three of the above plants did not survive.  I think it was due to a lack of light, maybe over watering? I’m not sure, nor does it really matter.  The remaining plants lived in this pot for another 2 years.

This past June a colleague was cleaning out her classroom and gave me a “new-to-me” piece of glassware. She knew that I made terrariums and thought that I would be able to “do something with it”.   During the last few days of school, it was time to clean-out and replant this old and tired saddle pot.

These plants got some new soil, a nice piece of glass, and new decoration.  They now live on my colleague’s sunny kitchen table.


Until next time!


P.S.  I’m going to text my colleague and see if she can send me a photo of the new terrarium.  I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to her.


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