Assignment #5 – Program Evaluation Survey

Assignment 5 was an exercise in survey development.  I have made many surveys before, however, not to this detail or scrutiny.  The original survey was created and shown to 8 individuals with an age range of early 20’s to mid-60’s.  Here is the link to my original survey.


Overall Findings

  • Developing a survey for sensitive programs requires time, patience, and the proper wording. Questions with improper wording may offend or identify individuals in a program.
  • Surveys that are sensitive in nature must be administered to a large enough population to alleviate the fear of being identified by particular questions (demographic).


Specific Findings/Modifications made

Page 1 (Introduction to Demographic Questions)

  • Changed text from “These few questions will allow me to organize the data appropriately.” to “The following questions are needed to organize the data”. Reason: Better grammar and clear language.

Question 1

  • Added ‘Consultant’ and ‘Counselor’ to the list of choices Reason: The survey may be used beyond the confines of the school, or may be used at other schools.  Also, Consultants play a key role in the Diverse Learning Teacher (DLT) program.

Question 2

  • Added periods to choices. Reason: grammar and consistency
  • In the last response, I changed “attend” to “attend, work at….”.  Reason: to allow the question to meet the requirements of people who both are involved with the school or the general community.

Question 3

  • No changes made.
  • One person responded that this question, along with question 2 may identify an individual.  I am considering adding an option “I prefer not to say” to the survey, but not at this point in time.  If the survey is given to a large enough sample, then the issue of identity is null.

Page 2 (Position Profile)

  • Changed text from “This section will gather data about your position within the school.” To  “The following questions provide information about your position within the school”. Reason: clearer language

Question 4

  • work/meet” changed to “work or meetReason: clear language
  • In the selections, “couple” is changed to “2 to 3”. Reason: to be consistent within the survey.

Question 5

  • How connected do you feel to…….?” Is changed to “How connected are you to the following people?Reason: the word feel implies and weights the question towards emotional attachment.  Although emotional attachment is a factor in this question, the revised wording clarifies the question.
  • “Somewhat connected.” is changed to “Somewhat connected – we seldom work together. Reason: The other options have descriptors.
  • Consultant and Counselor are added as choices. Reason: survey consistency.

Question 6

  • “SAP” changed to “Student Assessment Portfolio (SAP) – English Language Learners (ELL).  Reason: Identify the acronym.
  • “SRT” changed to “Student Resource Team (SRT)”. Reason: Identify the acronym
  • Added choice “Report Cards”

Question 7

  • Identify the level of support you need to complete the documents properly” changed to “Identify the level of support required to properly complete the following documents”. Reason: clear, concise language.
  • Add the word “full”  in front of  “support” in the first column. Reason: clarification – it will help to narrow down responses.
  • Adding “Student Resource Team (SRT)” and “Report Cards” to the list of documents. Reason: I missed these documents in the initial survey.

Question 8

  • Changed the end of the sentence from “……agencies have you attended meetings with?” to “………agencies have you met with this school year?”Reason: clarification of language and to specify a particular time period – to focus responses.
  • Changed any terms ending in ‘apy’ to ‘ist’. For example physiotherapy to physiotherapist. Reason: consistency in grammar with other terms in the list.
  • Changed “The Welcome Centre” to “English Language Learner (ELL) Reception Centre”. Reason: updated and correct terminology.
  • Added “High School Transition Meetings” Reason: this was identified by a respondent as an important addition.

Question 9

  • Added periods to “Somewhat familiar” and “Very familiar”. Reason: consistent punctuation.
  • Changed the word “ideas” to “concepts”. Reason: more formal language and better terminology.
  • Added the word “not” to the header in the second column. Reason: unclear header.

Question 10/11  (Similar question, just an alternate ending) – These changes are applied to both question.

  • Change opening statement from “In regards to….” to “With regard to….”. Reason: improved grammar and clarity.
  • Capitalized ‘n’ in “not-well supported”. Reason: improved grammar.
  • Added “Consultant” and “ Counselor” to choices. Reason: consistency in the survey.
  • Added a “N/A” column. Reason: It was pointed out by one of my respondents that not everyone will have an interaction with someone identified in these questions.

Question 12

  • Change opening statement from “What is your responsibility in the following?” to “Identify you level of responsibility to the following documents.” Reason: clarity and grammar.
  • Changed the choices from acronyms to full terminology. Ex. “IPP” to “Individual Program Plans (IPP)”.

Question 13

  • Change question ending from “…….rank the support you need in your job” to “…..rank the support you need to improve your practice.” Reason: ‘job’ was too vague.  I wanted to narrow down how teaching/learning can improve.

Question 14

  • Change question ending from “……following could better help you do your job with students.” to “….. following can help you do your job better”. Reason: unclear language.
  • Change capitalization in selections. Reason: grammar (proper nouns, etc).

Question 15

  • Added “in the past year” to the end of the question. Reason: to narrow down the response time frame and get a concise answer.

Question 16

  • Changed the question from “How does Universal Design for Learning impact your instruction?” to “What does Universal Design for Learning mean to you?” Reason: this is a more general question to appeal to more respondents (other than just classroom teachers).


After taking the responses into consideration and making the appropriate changes, here is the new survey.



One thought on “Assignment #5 – Program Evaluation Survey

  1. Wow what a great overview of your survey questions. It looks like you received some wonderful feedback. YOu have a very comprehensive survey. I like the graphic design layout. The checkmarks are very inviting.

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