Assignment 4 – Logic Model

Logic Model: Diverse Learner Teacher (DLT) Program


Click the above image for a larger version.

Assumptions: -that all stakeholders are committed to the DLT program and its success.  Success is measured by meeting the needs of the diverse learners in our school population.  What does this look like?  That students are meeting their full potential and that through adaptations and modifications students can meet curriculum outcomes.  For any reason if students are unable to meet the curriculum outcomes, the DLT program will allow students to meet their full potential.  The second assumption is that all stakeholders are committed to the principles of Universal Design for Learning and what that looks like and means to our students.

External factors: Factors to the success of the DLT program include time, place,  and the level of involvement of classroom teachers.  The involvement of other students, language, length of time in Canada and attitude also will be contributing factors for success.

Inputs: There are several inputs to the DLT progam.  Most important are the DLT’s themselves.  They play a key role in the success of the program, and as you can see from the logic model above, influence every aspect of the rest of the model.  They are guided by the principle of Universal Design for Learning.  Supporting them in their school-based roles are administration, DLT consultants at the district level, and fellow DLT’s at various locations in the district.  Other inputs to the DLT program include classroom teachers, students, outside agencies, as well as guiding documents.

Outputs–> Activities: The activities can be summarized into 3 key areas.

1) Working with students – direct interactions between DLTs and students.  This can include one-to-one support, small group support, or large group support.

2) Working FOR students – this is an administrative role on assessment, observation and intervention.  This can include reccomendations for special placements and modified/adapted programming.

3) Working with teachers – This role supports teachers in their day-to-day practice and to help them design best-practices related to UDL.

Outputs –>Participation:  From the activities, participation includes:

-DLT team meetings.

-Individualized Program Plan (IPP) Workshops.

-Completed forms for Alberta Education and for District records.


The primary goal of the DLT program is to improve student academic acheivement with a secondary goal of improved over-all student well-being.  All short and medium outcomes, lead to these end-goals.

Medium outcomes are based with outside agencies (such as Inter-cultural Wellness Workers, and Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists),  formalized learning plans (IPP’s/SAP’s), and improvements in teacher best practice (technology integration and professional development in UDL).

Short-term impacts are closely related to the participation of stakeholders.  These include classroom visits, filling out the appropriate paper work, developing student action plans, and working with teachers on exemplars and examples of best-practice in the classroom.


One thought on “Assignment 4 – Logic Model

  1. Another great piece of work Jeff. I and others will use the graphic to understand the organization and how it works. My only advice is in the outcomes section where the points you list may need a bit more detail. For example what is it about occupational therapy you wish to address? Some of these points may be shifted into the long term category and the information in the circles may be your impacts. The description is comprehensive and addresses the external influences on the organization effectively.


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