Here we go…

I’m continuing on my journey of education and self-discovery.   I’m not particularly fond of the words beginning and ending  They seem to have  such a finality about them.   The idea of the ‘journey’ that I’m on has hit home in recent years and I realized that I am definitely not on that same path that I thought I started on 12 years ago when I began teaching.  If you would have asked me 12 years ago, on my first day of teaching where I would be in 12 years,  I would have told you something like this. 

“In 12 years I will be a high school band teacher, and possibly working or have completed my Master’s in either Music Education or Conducting.  I’ll have a large, successful band program, and will devote my time and energy into musical endeavours.”

So how does that Jeff end up as the Jeff of today starting his Master’s degree in Educational Technology?  The answer cannot be pointed to any one event or persion.  It has been many people, places, ideas, thoughts, professional development, different teaching positions, and my own personal strengths and weaknesses that have brought me here.

I am so lucky to be involved in my District’s AISI project (for those of you not from Alberta AISI stands for Alberta Initiative for School Improvement).  AISI funding is granted to every school district in the province for research and projects to make teaching and learning better across the province.  My project is the Jr. High AISI Technology Project.  Most of the project is focused on the deployment of our Learning Management System (we use D2L), but it’s broader (and in my opinion more effective) mandate is helping teachers to engage their learners through technology.

Here is a video that was presented to us at one of our AISI teacher meetings.  It was then put up in our staff course.  Many of the images and ideas resonated with me.  The video is from the New Brunswick Department of Education.  I was happy to see something come from a Canadian source.

If you have noticed, the descriptor of this blog has not been set.  I’m working through this and will have one in the near future, probably by the time I write my next blog entry.

Right now the top of the list would be: Using Technology to Motivate and Engage the Middle Years Student, Web 2.0 Tools and their effectiveness in Middle Years, Assessment through Learning Management Systems and the Effect it has on Student Engagement, and Transforming and Motivating the 21st Century Teacher.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Advice?  Feel free to comment.




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